About us

Youth Hostels were born in Germany on 1909 to enable young people with limited financial resources to take cultural tours of the countryside.

It was a teacher, Richard Schirmann, who thought to use classrooms unused during the summer holidays as friendly and comfortable bedrooms for young travelers.

Since then, the youth hostel movements has grown to meet the demands of increasing numbers of young travelers seeking safe, comfortable accommodations when they travel.

The aims and the ideals of the youth hostels have not changed at all, however: they still enable people of different cultures to meet and get to know each other in interesting surroundings.
To enjoy all the advantages that a hostel can offer, you only need to become a member.

More than 5,000 hostel facilities around the world are reserved exclusively for the use of Hostelling International members. That’s why we call it the most exclusive hotel chain in the world. And that’s not all. Becoming a Hostelling International member allows you to obtain dozens of discounts and concessions that more than offset the cost of joining in no time at all.

Who can become member? Everybody!

There are no age limits. Even children can stay at hostels with their parents.

With a membership card in your pocket, you’re sure to find a bed waiting all over the world, and you can sample the charm that only hostels can offer — remote farms in Ireland, ancient colleges in England, straw villages in Kenya, old ships anchored in the North Sea, railway carriages in Australia, even treehouses in the USA!

Here in Italy, we happen to believe our hostels are some of the most interesting and varied you will find anywhere: romantic villas that date back to the Renaissance, fantastic fortresses and old castles, enchanting ancient buildings and ultra-modern buildings.

And wherever you go, all you have to do is say “I’m a Youth Hostel member,” and you’ll be instantly recognized as one of our seven million friends traveling the planet, getting to know each other.

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