Perugia: The Dream Theater From Chagall To Fellini

The dream is the theme, the subject, or the pretext that invaded the aesthetic image of the artists chosen by Luca Beatrice to build the exhibition itinerary of an exhibition that intertwines the symbolism of the early twentieth century with contemporary art, the different “surrealisms” with some of the most evocative expressions of cinema.

The works of these artists will take place as if on a stage, set up in the exhibition spaces of the National Gallery of Umbria.

Some of the most representative exponents of the surrealist movement, together with the artists who in the heart of the twentieth century measured themselves with the world of the unconscious – Marc Chagall first of all and then Salvador Dalì, Giorgio de Chirico, Paul Delvaux, Max Ernst, Renè Magritte, André Masson , Joan Mirò, Man Ray, Alberto Savinio, Yves Tanguy, Fernando Botero -, will dialogue with the first visionary experiences related to dreams, present in the exhibition with works by Umberto Boccioni,

Arnold Böcklin, Paul Klee, Max Klinger, Plinio Nomellini, Gaetano Previati.

A fundamental part of the exhibition will in fact be dedicated to cinema: Luis Buňuel’s surrealism, Samuel Beckett’s absurdity, Andy Warhol’s “Sleep” and his contemporary counterpart by Sam Taylor Wood, “Spellbound” (I’ll save you) from 1954 by Alfred Hitchcock – whose dream sequence was created by Salvador Dalì – with an important tribute to Federico Fellini of which, in addition to the films “The clowns” and “The city of women”, original posters and drawings of his famous “Book of dreams”.

( For admission to this particularly suggestive exhibition, reachable from the hostel in just 10 minutes with the Minimetro, there is reduced admission for AIG members (€ 7.00 instead of 9.00) .

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With only 65 euros per person (children up to 5 years free) you will be entitled to:

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