General information


Perhaps we have not yet met before but for sure we’ll become friends soon, very soon, just the time to turn a few pages and discover the opportunities offered by Youth Hostels-exciting for those who like to go over the paths of history and for those who are conquered by the real adventure.

The destinations that are proposed to you however are also fascinating if you love art in cities and the most suggestive towns, natural environment, the magic of sunsets on the sea, and the brightness of the crystal-clear sea depths.

And much more, such as the idyllic peace of high mountains and the snow slopes that invite you to ski.

What are you asked for in exchange?

Very few, we think. To enjoy all the advantages that a Hostel can offer you have to become member. Infact the more than 5,000 structures that Youth Hostel Associations all over the world put at the youngs disposal are exclusively reserved to members.

Only so you will be able to take advantage of the most exclusive hostel chain in the world! But not only this.

Becoming a Hostelling International member will allow you to obtain dozens and dozens of concessions from railways discounts to health assistance, from reduced entrances to parks and museums to really cheap magazine subscriptions. Using these opportunities you will recover the cost of adhesion at Hostelling International in a short time.

Besides, the price for adhesion that is requested to you is often the only support on which the Youth Hostel Associations can count: to enable them to affirm the ideals of equality and solidarity that they are promoting in all the world, also depends on you.

To the young that frequent Hostels it doesn┬┐t matter whether you are young or not, whether you travel alone, with your family or in a group, which is the color of your skin or your religious creed.

On the contrary, it is through the filter of these natural differences that it is possible to observe the world with attentive eyes, to learn to love it with all its characteristics, and above all to respect it.

One thing however is common to the young that frequent Hostels: the desire to travel and to discover of the world what is refused to all the others. With the advantage of doing it with little money in your pocket and in full security and freedom.